Red Bull Cliff Diving Polignano a Mare Italy

Red Bull Cliff Diving Polignano a Mare Italy


8. Place

Polignano a Mare is a beautiful village built on cliffs. On every corner is a beautiful cliff you would like to take off.
You have to walk through someones house to get access to the platforms which are built on the terrace. 70 000 Spectators are spread over the bay, on the cliffs on the opposite side, on the water and on the beach. The atmosphere is breathtaking, crazy, amazing!

I felt honored to be able to take part in the completion! The year before I hitchhiked all the way form Vienna, Austria, 1445km to watch the Red Bull completion live.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to show my dives in my best condition as I was extreamly nervous. However I am supper happy that I did three safe dives of 22m, I even learned a new dive, which I did for the very first time on the day of the competition.


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